Partisan hospital on Mežakla

Author: Nik Bertoncelj

Never did the enemy discover this little house in the middle of the forest where the wounded recovered from their injuries. And their heavy thoughts ...

The hospital is located east of Zakopi, under Mežakla’s rocky northern edge, at an altitude of 1,050 m. It was the first partisan hospital in the Upper Carniola region and was built in December 1942 at the initiative of the partisan doctor of the Carniola unit, Dr. Edvard Pohar. The shelter was named Clinic D in July 1943.

A wooden structure with a rectangular floor plan and a single-pitched shingled roof leans against a rock overhang. It was initially intended for the medical treatment of the wounded, but it later served only as a refuge for wounded persons and couriers. Water was obtained from a spring in the cave next to Špica, and food was provided by families from Podmežakla.

The occupier never discovered the shelter, as access to it was extremely difficult due to the steep terrain. It couldn't be seen from the valley because it was hidden beneath the overhang.