Pelton turbine and the Small Pelton wheel

Author: Miro Podgoršek

Pelton turbine

The bucket wheel turbine (Pelton turbine) is exhibited at the Karavanke petrol station above Jesenice. The turbine was used as a power unit in the rolling mill of Jesenice Iron Foundry in Slovenski Javornik (near Jesenice) for thick sheet metal rolling.

Date of manufacture: 14 November 1899
Produced by: GANZ, Budapest
Project No.: 10.862 / 99
Wheel diameter: 8980 mm
Number of buckets: 56
Power: 1500 HP Speed: 70 rpm
Waterfall: 320 m
Water consumption: 500 - 543 l/min
In operation: 1902 - 1986

This was the largest turbine produced by the GANZ factory.
(source: Wikimedia.commons)

Small Pelton wheel

The Small Pelton wheel, weighing 38 tonnes and spanning 4.5 metres in diameter, was able to reach 70 rpm in its prime. In conjunction with the Large Pelton wheel, it provided the main drive for the production lines of the then-new rolling mill of the Carniolan Industrial Company from 1902. At the time, the Small Pelton wheel was considered one of the largest single castings in the world. The small Pelton wheel rolled its last ingot in 1979. The wheel is displayed in front of the administrative building of SIJ Acroni on Koroška Bela.