Event venues

Author: Aljoša Videtič

Kolpern on Stara Sava

A banquet or conference hall is at your disposal in the former coal warehouse, the Kolpern multi-purpose hall. The space is intended for the city's cultural and protocol needs, and you can also hold various trainings, seminars, workshops, presentations, business meetings, social events, and so on.

More at: Upper Sava Museum Jesenice

Author: Sašo Valjavec

Stara Sava square

The central square in the Stara Sava ironworks settlement in Jesenice.

More at: Upper Sava Museum Jesenice


Author: Aleš Košir

Event space – open-air museum

TYou have a 1,908.00 m2 large covered event area Open-air Museum on Stara Sava at your disposal for the organisation of concerts and other events.

More at: Municipality of Jesenice


Museum of Kos Manor Jesenice

The lobby of the Kos Manor Gallery is suitable for events of up to 50 participants per event.

More at: Upper Sava Museum Jesenice


Halls in the Jesenice Music School

Two halls, the concert hall and the dance hall, are available on the premises of the Jesenice Music School on Stara Sava, in the building of the Barracks.

More at: Jesenice Music School

Author: Nik Bertoncelj

Tone Čufar Theatre and Cinema Železar

There are two halls available for films, concerts, theatre performances, lectures, screenings, and other events, one larger at Železar cinema and one slightly smaller with a theatre stage.

More at: Tone Čufar Theatre

Author: Domen Jančič

Podmežakla Sports Park

Sports facilities, individual rooms, as well as outdoor sports areas in the area of the municipality of Jesenice.

More at: Institute of Sport Jesenice

Author: Foto Vidmar

Cultural centre in Slovenski Javornik

There are two halls and exhibition space in the cultural centre in Slovenski Javornik.

More on: DPD Svoboda France Mencinger  - Janko Pirc +386 41 675 477

Author: Aleš Košir

Open-air gathering and event spaces with a prepared report on noise emissions into the environment

In the area of the municipality of Jesenice, there are certain event venues for which the Report on noise emissions into the environment for gatherings and events has been prepared: Tone Čufar Square, together with the parking lot behind the theatre, in front of the Hrušica Cultural Centre, at the fire station in Koroška Bela, Podmežakla Sports Park, parking lot at Čop in Planina pod Golico, at Pristava, Baza bowling alley, ŠKD Fido on Hrušica, the training ground of the cynological society in Lipce, Ukova swimming pool, at the Blejska Dobrava Firefighting Centre, Stara Sava square, the open-air museum area, the Fiprom gravel parking area, the park next to the Ruard Manor, at the fire station in Planina pod Golico.  

More at: Municipality of Jesenice