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On June 22, 2021, the Municipality of Jesenice unveiled the new image of the Jesenice destination brand, with which it hopes to strengthen its recognition as an inspiring mountain destination and position itself even more strongly on the tourist map of Slovenia as a destination at the junction of the Julian Alps and Karavanke.

We will take a new step in Jesenice's direction of greater tourist recognition with the new destination brand, positioning it as a mountain destination committed to sustainability and more effectively appealing to active multi-day visitors.

The brand's comprehensively designed identity stems from the mountain character of the landscape with its many natural beauties and the fundamental DNA of the destination, which was marked by ironworks, steelmaking and ironmaking as the uniqueness of this area. As a result, the core of the brand reflects endurance and perseverance, as well as a strong sporting spirit that is deeply rooted in the local people. Jesenice promises a distinct alpine experience. They promote an adventurous active experience of nature that pushes the boundaries and awakens the visitor's steel will. At the same time, they invite you to discover the region's industrial history. Their unique combination of features, the beautiful mountain nature that surrounds the town and the commitment to sustainable tourism allow Jesenice to appeal to active nature explorers and adventurers who want to surpass themselves through various sports ventures and challenges. The new brand, with the slogan "Alpine beat. Iron will," inspires, motivates, and appeals to target segments in its own unique way.

The visual image of the Jesenice tourism brand is contemporary and fresh. The dynamic green line in the logo sign represents the steep slopes, particularly recognisable Golica, and it also has the shape of a hockey stick, as Jesenice is also known for hockey in the wider international community. The sign also includes a full yellow circle and three petals, which are associated with the distinctive fields of mountain daffodils, which make Jesenice the most recognisable today. The yellow circle is also associated with a hockey puck, and the entire logo is associated with activity, endurance, strength, and nature thanks to a thoughtful set of colours and dynamic lines. In the logo, beneath the sign, is the inscription Jesenice, which, with its grey colour, is associated with the steelmaking tradition of this area while also giving the brand a strong and modern character.

The company LANARA Consulting, which specialises in tourism branding and marketing, created Jesenice's comprehensive destination brand and designed its new visual image.












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