Tourist tax

Tourist and promotional tax

Pursuant to the Act on Promotion of Tourism Development (ZRST-1) and the Ordinance on Tourist Tax in the Municipality of Jesenice, tourist and promotional tax is charged.

What are tourist and promotional taxes?

Tourist tax is a nightly fee that offers certain services and benefits to the persons liable for payment in the tourist area, which is not charged separately at the time of their daily use.

Promotional tax is a fee that is intended for the planning and implementation of marketing and promotion of the comprehensive tourist offer of Slovenia and is collected in the name and on behalf of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Persons liable for payment

Tourist and promotional tax is paid by citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and foreigners who spend the night in an accommodation facility. Tourist and promotional tax is paid at the same time as the payment of the overnight accommodation service. They also have to pay for it if they receive free overnight services. Those defined in Article 18 of ZSRT-1 are exempt from paying the tourist tax and, consequently, the promotional tax. It is paid to the taxpayer who provides the accommodation service.

Amount of tourist and promotional tax

  Tourist tax Promotional tax Total tourist and promotional tax
Tourist and promotional tax 1,20€ 0,30€ 1,50€
Tourist and promotional tax (exemption 50%) 0,60€ 0,15€ 0,75€

Remittance of tourist and promotion taxes

The tourist tax and promotional tax are transferred to a special account of the municipality by the 25th of the month for the previous month.

Transfer details
Municipality of Jesenice
Cesta železarjev 6
4270 Jesenice
TRR: SI56 01241 845 0059 272
reference to no.: 19 (8-digit number - enter your tax number)-07129-(7-digit number - the last two numbers are 11, the others are optional - they must not be letters, equations...). The last 7-digit number is optional.

Reporting of guests and overnight stays

Reporting on guests and overnight stays takes place exclusively in the eTurizem, system managed by AJPES.
Instructions for correct business operations are clearly shown in the document Guestbook and Tourist Taxes - Host Obligations.


The competent inspection body supervises the collection and payment of the tourist and promotion tax as well as record keeping.
For all additional explanations regarding the payment of the tourist tax, call +386 4 586 3178 or write to .

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