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Between the Julian Alps and the Karavanke, there are many interesting fishing districts where fishermen can catch beautiful brown trout, rainbow trout, and other salmonid fish species. When you purchase a fishing permit, you will be able to enjoy the murmurs of the Sava Dolinka river or the silence of the emerald lake in Javorniški Rovt. The silence will be broken here and there by birdsong or your exclamation when you catch your trophy.

District B - Moste Trophy District

(From the outflow of the Javornik stream into the Sava Dolinka to the barrier of the power plant in Moste)

The district is accessible from the road leading from Jesenice towards Žirovnica or Jesenice towards Blejska Dobrava and runs from the confluence of the Sava Dolinka and the Javornik stream to the barrier of the power plant in Moste. The water surface of the district is 60 ha.

Fishing opportunity: rainbow trout, grayling and brown trout.
Type of fishing:  catch and release

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District 58 – Javorniški Rovt reservoir

The lake is located at the end of the road in Javorniški Rovt near the TRILOBIT home. The lake covers 1 hectare of water surface.

Fishing opportunity: brown trout
Type of fishing: Fly fishing

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