The museum invites you to delve into the past!

Author: Aleš Košir

The Upper Sava Museum in Jesenice takes care of the cultural and natural heritage of the Upper Sava region

The most common word that connects the people of Jesenice to the past is iron. Visit the Upper Sava museum in Jesenice, which combines several museum houses from Jesenice to Rateče. The old ironworks settlement of Stara Sava is a monument of national importance. The Slovenian Iron and Steel Museum, will have its home in the Bucelleni-Ruard Manor, where you will embark on the journey of iron - from ore to steel. In the immediate vicinity is the multi-apartment building Kasarna, which houses the Museum of Workers' Culture,  where the Ethnological Exhibition on the living culture and way of life of ironworkers' families is presented. The Museum of Kos Manor Jesenice is an exhibition space for occasional visual art and museum exhibitions. You can also visit the open-air museum in the event area, where there is a permanent exhibition of technical heritage, which includes images of the work, exhibition boards, and restored technical monuments of the former Jesenice Ironworks and its predecessors, the Carniola industrial companies.

Don't forget to check in with the ironworker's wife at the Museum of Workers' Culture and invite yourself to a real workers' coffee in an authentic workers' apartment while you're there.

The museum also includes the Slovenian Mountaineering Museum, which presents the history of mountaineering in Slovenia, the Kranjska Gora Museum, which presents an ethnological presentation of peasant living culture in the Alps in the 19th century, and the Rateče Museum which houses Slovenia's first Escape Museum.

Upper Sava Museum Jesenice
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