Jesenice Sports Institute

Author: arhiv Zavod za šport Jesenice

The Sports Institute ensures the comprehensive development of sports in Jesenice and participates in the organisation and implementation of sports and cultural sports activities. Among the range of sports-related activities, it also manages many sports facilities.

The Podmežakla Sports Park is the largest sports park in the municipality of Jesenice.

In the Podmežakla Sports Hall there is an ice surface where ice skating clubs train: HDD Sij Acroni Jesenice, Ice skating Club Jesenice, Curling Club Jesenice, Bowling Club on Ice Jesenice and others. Recreational ice skating is also held every weekend in the hall, which is free for children under 18. You can see the schedule on the link.

In addition to the ice surface and activities on it, the hall also features a table tennis court, Samson Fitness in Samurai Gym.

The Podmežakla Sports Park features outdoor basketball courts, a small and large soccer field, and an asphalt bowling alley with four lanes.

Since 2020, a sports museum in the lobby of the Podmežakla Sports Hall has displayed the history of hockey and other skating sports in Jesenice.

On Hrušica, the Dobršnik ferata is available for all climbing enthusiasts.

The Baza bowling alley, which has four lanes, is a short distance from the Podmežakla Sports Park.