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A guide is useful for a curious tourist.

City with tourist guide

Would you like to take a more in-depth walk along the Stara Sava? Are you curious about the history of Jesenice Memorial Park and the botanical details it conceals? Will you join us on a walk through the memories of old Jesenice?

You can book a guided tour with a local tourist guide if you want to see Jesenice through the eyes of locals or through the eyes of past stories, learn interesting anecdotes and details, and discover hidden corners.

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Even a brief stop in Jesenice will provide you with plenty of inspiring stories! The selected walk takes you through the most important city specialties, includes local cuisine, and includes detours to the green surroundings. When you go for a walk, you transform from a visitor to an explorer of the city's true character!

You will walk from the railway station to Čufar Square, which is still a social centre in Jesenice and is surrounded by several extremely interesting buildings, including the Jesenice Grammar School, the Tone Čufar Theatre, the Železar Cinema, and not far away TVD Partisan Jesenice.

The path in the coolness of the avenue of chestnut trees will lead you from here to three striking points of Jesenice, namely the statue of the ironworker-Martinar, the Administrative Unit of Jesenice, and the Municipality of Jesenice building - the latter two impress with their architecture and history. You will then head to the Stara Sava Museum Area, one of the best-preserved ironworking complexes in Europe. We welcome visitors to the  Museum of Workers' Culture. We recommend trying authentic home-made barley coffee when you visit.

The famous Herman bridge is just a stone's throw away, and a walk along it takes us to Kurja vas, where most of the country's famous hockey players grew up. The tour of the Podmežakla Sports Park, will then take you through the fans' underpass past the Ejga Inn, where the culinary story is co-created by skier Alenka Dovžan and hockey player Edvin Karahodžić.